Led Tube Lamp And Other Lamps Of The Same Performance

- Jan 06, 2016 -

Led fluorescent lamp 50 hid halogen CE issued sharp details microelectronics 50led fluorescent lamp can replace traditional 50 hid halogen lamps of the same performance. 50 trillion 3590 and 4770 characteristics between the luminous efficiency and light output up to 100/in the standard mode of operation and long life of 40,000 hours operating temperature up to 90 °. "Compared with halogen lamp 50 w LED array exhibits a lower decline in brightness with time in 40,000 hours, longer service life as a whole," said Managing Director naijieer·WA.

Design forward voltage and forward current 950 Ma 50, 1050 module is also available with a standard power supply. The light emitting surface of a circle () the new 50 MB module includes a total of 160 light-emitting diodes, is divided into ten parallel rows of 16 years old. "Ceramic plate flat, the module provides the welding point is easy to connect to a suitable heatsink without additional connection materials, so as to ensure good heat dissipation," Watts said.

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